Hello! I'm Nishat Tabassum, a chemical engineering graduate from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, where I'm currently pursuing a masters degree and also teaching full-time as a lecturer. As a student researcher, my specialization is in biochemical engineering and my current research is at the interface of biomedical and biochemical engineering. I've been involved in education since high-school, and I consider myself fortunate that I can build my career out of what I enjoy, which is teaching. I am affiliated with Dr. Shoeb Ahmed's QEB research group since 2018, where we worked on developing cost-effective microbial fuel cells for treatment of heavy metals in textile sludge. My current project involves designing hydrogels for a variety of biomedical applications

When I'm not in the classroom or the lab, I'm usually buried in a book or taking a walk in nature. But most days, I just rewatch episodes of old British sitcoms.





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Nishat Tabassum


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